The documentation of the geotechFoam solver (Elsafti and Oumeraci, 2016; Elsafti, 2015) is structured to provide help on installing (chapter 2), using (chapter 4) and further developing/programming (chapter 6) the solver. Additionally, a brief description of the scientific background (chapter 5) is given. The starting point should be to go through the tutorials (chapter 3) in the given order to enable the easiest and fastest introduction to using geotechFoam. The scientific manual gives a brief introduction of the theoretical background behind the solver. The developer manual is a starting point for those who want to develop on top of the solver: e.g. adding new constitutive modes, or solving new equations. However, the developer manual is not important if you intend to use geotechFoam as it is (e.g. similar to the given tutorials).

The documentation and geotechFoam are Work in Progress. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please do not hesitate to communicate them to the author.