The geotechFoam solver is a finite-volume solver for geotechnical modelling, developed within OpenFOAM® for modelling soil-structure interaction for marine structures. The fully-coupled and fully-dynamic Biot’s governing equations are solved in a segregated approach. Further, geotechFoam can solve the u-p approximation of the governing equations. In modelling soil as a multi-phase medium, the strong interaction of the soil's skeleton and pore fluid can be realized for accurate simulation of complex phenomena like liquefaction. Additionally, geotechFoam can solve the soil as a single phase (i.e. drained or undrained)

The spatial domain is composed of several zones with different material properties and/or constitutive models. A generic interface for different material models is implemented. Hence, available code for material models can be adjusted for use with the solver. 

A multi-yield surface plasticity model is implemented to simulate soil response under cyclic loads. Moreover, soil-structure interaction is modelled via a frictional contact model and boundary conditions accounting for skeleton-pore fluid coupling. 

The solver was used in several academic publications, in which the use of the solver was validated against benchmark cases and of physical model tests including results from large-scale physical tests from the Large-Wave Flume in Hanover.

The geotechFoam solver is published under the GNU General Public License, which means geotechFoam is free to download, learn, use (for any purpose), develop or modify, etc. However, by using this software you take full responsibility for your use of the software, geotechFoam is therefore Provided "as is" without any liability.